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  • It all starts with an idea.The designers at BBS are continuously reinventing the classic wheel design. This requires numerous sketches, drafts and computer graphics, which are created in BBS’ in-house design studio in idyllic Schiltach.

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  • RAYS has been involved in the world’s highest-level motor races, such as the F1 and GT1 World Championships, as well as in all categories of car racing that transcend the competitive level.

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    Five unique handles and ten sockets that snapped on interchangeably, coined “Five do the work of Fifty,” launched a company that would shape an industry.

    In 1920, a cultural shift was underway in the United States as the automobile was rising in popularity, creating the need for an emerging automotive repair industry. Joseph Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, had an idea that would revolutionise repair and make work easier for professional mechanics.

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NEW modified custom scale models